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About the Practitioner

Rick Pitts ABMP Massage Therapist


My Story,

My background allows me to bring a diverse, holistic perspective to my work. Too often in our culture we treat the illness but ignore the cause. As we strive to be healthy and happy it's importatnt to look at all the major aspecects of our life. Diet, exercise, and reducing stress all play an important role in keeping us well and young at heart at any age.

Fitness Training

I've been certified as a personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise since 1996, and at the age of 41 won 1st place in the NABBA (National Amature Body Building Association) Mid Atlantic Men's Tall competion and Second in the NABBA Masters Nationals in 2000.

Tai Chi/ QiGong

I've studied and practiced Tai Chi In the Wu Jian Chaun traditon Since 2009 with Dr. Jonathan Shear and QiGong with Rob Ruby, Disciples of Grand Master Li LiQun A Disciple of Grand Master Ma Hueh-Liang (1901-1998). I have been competing in martial arts trournaments for 2 years now and have won Gold Medals in form and push-hands (The tai chi version of sparring)

Massage Training

In 1996, I Graduated from Richmond Academy of Massage in, and have been practicing Massage in Richmond since that time.  I've studied a variety of massage modalities including Acupressure, Thai massage, Mayofacial Release, Trigger Point Therapy.

Because of my interest in Tai Chi and QiGong I completed an Acupressure Mastery Program and am now able to use this ancient healing art from Traditional Chinese Medicine to help my clients.  

 Why I do what I do?

"There is no wealth but life"  John Ruskin

Throughout my career my central desire has been to  understand wellness and to help others acheive dynamic health. 

We spend so much energy in persuits that rob us of our health and make us prematurely old and sick. Modern medicine is focused on the treatment of disease, not the maintenance of optimal health. I believe it's much easier to treat a problem by identifying the causes and change the course of our lives before we encounter a major problem. That's why it's important to make fitness, and wellness a priority.  

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